Interface CsvError

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractCsvError, GeneralError, RowError

    public interface CsvError
    Report on an error, always including at the very least an error message. If the error can be pinpointed to a line or cell, this information is included as well.
    Robert Bor
    • Method Detail

      • getPrintableLines

        List<String> getPrintableLines()
        Returns all lines, first the message, then the content and focus line, if available. These lines are usable to print with a monospaced font, since the focus line will show in the line above where the error occurred. If lines are needed for the browser, use getRowParts().
        all lines, in printable format. Will always contain at least one line.
      • getRowParts

        List<RowPart> getRowParts()
        Gets the content line where the error occurred, if available. The line is split into RowPart entries. Every RowPart knows about itself when it must be highlighted. This method is useful for reporting on the error in another format, for example HTML or PDF, since you can control the highlighting.
        the content line split into RowPart entries. Will be an empty list if not available.
      • getLineNumber

        int getLineNumber()
        Returns the line number where the error occurred, zero-based. Will be -1 if not applicable.
        line number where the error occurred
      • getMessage

        String getMessage()
        Returns the original error message
        error message