Class ParseStateMachine

  • public class ParseStateMachine
    extends Object
    Yep, a state machine. Managing all kinds of booleans to form a pseudo-state doesn't work really well whereas a state machine does. The state machine takes one character at a time, checks routes to the new state if necessary and holds tokens, which it returns whenever a field-end ('popToken') has been found.
    Robert Bor
    • Constructor Detail

      • ParseStateMachine

        public ParseStateMachine()
    • Method Detail

      • getCurrentLine

        public int getCurrentLine()
      • getCurrentColumn

        public int getCurrentColumn()
      • isTrash

        public boolean isTrash()
      • isTokenStart

        public boolean isTokenStart()
      • isLineFinished

        public boolean isLineFinished()
      • isFinished

        public boolean isFinished()
      • ignoreLine

        public boolean ignoreLine()
      • isEmptyLine

        public boolean isEmptyLine()
      • setSymbolMapping

        public void setSymbolMapping​(SymbolMapping symbolMapping)