Easy-to-use CSV to Java Bean utility

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Release notes


  • CSV Writing; the facade has been extended with the option to write rows and beans. Note: a big change is that CsvReader has been renamed to CsvClient to cater for both reading and writing requirements!
  • Converter.getType() is generic; on implementing your own converters, you no longer need to declare @Override getType(). Instead you must make a call to the constructor of AbstractConverter, passing the class




  • Null values; cell with empty values are stored as null values


  • Locale-specific doubles; attributes can be annotated for a specific locale, for example @CsvLocalizedNumber(language = "de", country="DE") for Germany, meaning that 29,81 is parsed as a double
  • 1-based logic; For users Excel is 1-based, meaning that it will be confusing if an error points to a line, which is not the same line number used in Excel. CSVeed now conforms to the Excel line numbering
  • Windows carriage return / line feed; there was a bug with Windows CRLF (ie, 0D 0A), resulting in files with those sequence to be unreadable. This problem has been fixed.